bathroom tiles for dreaming.

Today we will talk about the floors for your bathroom home, the art of making the bathroom a habitable environment, beautiful to see and with a great experience, just choose the right bathroom tiles to have a dream bathroom.

bathroom tiles from Ceramica Vogue
bathroom tiles from Ceramica Vogue

Vogue bathroom tiles

We start by saying that the most valuable tiles present in the Italian market are those made of porcelain stoneware, obtained by a synthesis process in which ceramic clays, alkali and sand are finely atomised until having a homogeneous powder suitable for pressing. The visual effect is defined “marble effect” as the product obtained is very similar to the ntaurale marble.

The porcelain tile floors are particularly suitable they have a remarkably easy maintenance. The washing of these floors must be done with water and acid based detergents. Instead you should avoid waxes and oily soaps.

The tiles that we recommend are those of Ceramica Vogue, a brand belonging to Altaeco Group, based in Cerriore, in the province of Biella, a town where you will find the farm shop too. Another deposit instead is located in Emilia Romagna, in the resort of Ubersetto Fiorano (province of Modena).

On the website of Ceramica Vogue you will find all the products available.

Bathroom tiles, the Vogue collections

It starts with Vogue System, innovative ceramic system enameled stoneware, ideal furniture for indoor and outdoor spaces for public and private use. This system is divided into four finishes to interior (satin matte), transparencies (shiny polished), flooring (a rough surface) and grip (pistraelle slip). The collection is complemented by System Link, tiles designed tiles for decorative solutions in residential or public spheres.

bathroom tiles

It then goes on Floor, floor tiles. It is definitely a collection that combines aesthetics with modern techniques and high safety performance. The colors available make it an ideal solution as bathroom tiles.

It follows Pool, the collection designed for the design and construction of swimming pools.

bathroom tiles
bathroom tiles

Finally we find “Special”, the collection designed to enhance the ceramics Vogue System, “Glass”, made of extra-clear float glass tiles glazed and “Shade”, the line of ceramic glazed stoneware white body.
If you are going to renew the aesthetics of your bathroom, Ceramica Vogue is definitely the right solution for a dream bathroom.

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